Ocean Beach Resort

Welcome to Ocean Beach Resort. This is a five star hotel. Firstly, the resort tries to track hospitality back to its essence with its unique, tropical early 20th century style with wooden roofs and elegant wooden floors. The Location of Ocean Beach Resort is on the sand dunes beach, 2 kilometres north of Malindi Township. Ocean Beach Resort & Spa offers: Contemporary luxury accommodations. A world-class spa. Gourmet restaurants and also. A natural beauty and an indefinable hospitality experience. A distinguished member of Leading Hotels of the World and Leading Spas of the World. Ocean Beach Resort Photos Ocean Beach…

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Lion in the Sun Resort Malindi

Welcome to Lion in the Sun Resort. Man, the people, the way of life that has not changed in centuries: simple, but wise in its simplicity. The town of Malindi with its mosques and tiny churches, its colourful busy markets and its people with the gift of an eternal smile. The resort is located in Marine Park Road, Malindi Kenya. The same open smile with which our forty staff members welcome our guests; a smile which makes your stay unforgettable. Malindi is also folklore; the streets are alive with red-dressed Masai and black-veiled women, Indians in immaculate kaftans and laughing,…

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