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Papillon Lagoon Reef

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Post Written ON: 2018-09-05

Papillion Lagoon Reef Resort

Thinking of the perfect getaway adventure, away from the shackles of reality? Papillon Lagoon Reef presents you with a haven of pure charm and tranquility. Strategically situated on an island detached from the outside hustle, this beautiful landmark gives you more than just sand, sun and sea. With a full storehouse of fun activities, lively entertainment and genuine hospitality, Papillon Lagoon Reef offers you so much more.

Located on Diani beach, widely considered to be Kenya's most beautiful beach. The hotel is built in traditional Swahili style, and nestles within exotic gardens, where colobus monkeys populate ancient baobab trees.

Features Of The Papillon Lagoon Reef:

  • Creatively designed rooms that give you that touch of class and comfort
  • Delicious and tastefully furnished sea-food for the excited sea-food lover.
  • Exotic gardens with different amazing plants and flowers.
  • A special connection between nature, its animals and visitors to the hotel.
  • An indoor and outdoor pool that draws water from the fresh springs surrounding the hotel.
  • A top class restaurant that offers both local and international dishes to your satisfaction.
  • The resort is filled with colobus monkeys in baobab trees that are totally friendly.

Things To Do At Papillon Lagoon Reef:

  • Enjoy the sumptuous food and soothing drinks in the ‘floating bar’
  • Take a ride on the jetty and kayaks, or drive around on the beach with the quad bikes.
  • The resort presents a very inviting environment for shooting music videos and movies.
  • Take a tour to the jungle

Whether coming alone or in company of that special someone, Papillon Lagoon Reef is your one-stop for comfort and that experience for the good books!

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