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The Sands At Chale Island

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Post Written ON: 2018-09-05

The Sands at Chale Island Kenya

A magical fusion of nature and comfort with elegance and romance, Chale Island is a stunning white beach fringed by coral reefs. Boasting of a tidal saltwater lake surrounded by a mangrove forest, this paradise represents everything pure, natural and beautiful.

A diverse mixture of indigenous and tropical Flora that attracts a wide variety of fascinating insect and primate life, Chale Island takes you on a cruise of comfort and Nature exploration.

Located at the northern end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale County in southeastern Kenya. Chale Island is known as a Sacred Kaya. As most things in Kenya, The Sands At Chale Island hold a cultural significance.

With an exterior made with a mixture of both ancient native materials and modern building equipment to produce a classic architectural masterpiece, this resort is a major contributor to tourism in the country.

Features Of The Sands At Chale Island:

  • Exquisitely furnished rooms to give you the highest level of comfort attainable.
  • An open air restaurant nestled under the tall diverse trees allowing you to take in fresh air while enjoying the delicious meals offered at the resort.
  • A surreal seaside view that allows you to take in all the curves and angles of the big blue ocean.
  • Specially crafted hand-woven works of art can be found dotted in and around the resort surroundings.
  • Strategically located, to facilitate easy access to any part of the city from the resort.
  • There is a boat ride available on request and also tours of the island by a professional guide. However, you can also tour the island alone, or in the company of friends and have a good time.
  • A high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is maintained in and around the resort grounds.

All this combined with the loving care of our Kenyan staff will make your holiday on Chale Island intriguing, relaxing and warmly memorable.

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