Iles Des Palmes Hotel Eco Resort

Iles Des Palmes Hotel Eco Resort

Welcome to Iles Des Palmes Hotel Eco Resort

Have you ever been kept awake on a vacation by the obnoxious people in the next room? Or, have you tried to find a spot for your towel on a beach more crowded than a subway station at rush hour? Neither of these situations will ever happen at Iles des Palmes Eco Resort.

This little patch of paradise on the island of Praslin is situated on a former coconut, vanilla, and cinnamon plantation, and it sprawls over 105 acres.

The resort’s 20 bungalows are scattered throughout the grounds—far enough apart that you won’t hear a peep from your neighbors.

You can choose a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom bungalow, and each has a veranda, living room, private bath, and kitchenette, but no air conditioning.

The bungalows are close to the water’s edge, and the secluded beach is perfect for long afternoon walks, swimming, resting in the sun, and snorkeling.

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Besides The Beach, This Resort Has The following:

  • An art gallery.
  • Kayaks for rent.
  • A pool with a baby pool, and finally,
  • Tortoise park where you can hang out with enormous tortoises that only live in the wild in the Seychelles and the Galapagos Islands.

These small lovers’ nests are ideal for couples looking for privacy and tranquility. 

They are set out along an area that is reputed to be a pirate’s treasure site.

Rooms in Illes Des Palmes Hotel Eco Resort: 

In total, there are 12 single bungalows all situated 1-2 metres from the beach. Each unit is 66 square meters with a large verandah boasting locally made furniture

The colonial quarters are ideal for families on vacation. They are detached bungalows positioned in a peaceful garden just a few steps away from the beach.

Each unit comprises of three bedrooms which are typically designed in a Creole manner and fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities for a nice family stay. 

Each bungalow is 130 square meters to ensure your family has adequate space to enjoy their stay

Iles des Palmes Hotel Eco Resort also has a fine restaurant that serves a mix of local cuisine and international favourites, along with house-made pizza. 

The bar adjoining the restaurant has some interesting local palm drinks, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Overall, Iles des Palmes Eco Resort has a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you’re free to fully unwind. 

Families are welcome here, and staff members do everything they can to make your vacation the best it can be

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