Funzi Mangrove Resort

Funzi Mangrove Resort

Funzi Mangrove Resort is located on the south coast on the magical Island of Funzi, 70 km south of Mombasa.

Funzi Mangrove Resort Restaurant:

Our specialities from the sea:

Grilled Lobster, Ginger Mangrove crab, Prawns, Squid, Octopus and a lot of varieties of fish.

Our specialities from the earth:

Grilled T-Bone steak, Grilled sirloin steak, Grilled caramelized spare ribs, Lamb chops, Grilled chicken drumsticks and the famous Table BBQ.

We can organise special meals for vegetarians.

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Funzi Mangrove Bar:

Water, Tonic water, Sodas, Juices, Tomato juice, Red bull.

Different type of beers from Kenya and also from Belgium.

We provide different types of white and red wine from Argentina, Chile, France and South Africa.

Champagne, Sparkling wines from South Africa.

All international alcohols and some cocktails.

Funzi Mangrove Recreational Activities:

The Ramisi River:

We will take you on an adventure of around 2 hours through a maze of mangroves in a motorized canoe. 

The trip will go to the Ramisi River which abounds with exceptional birdlife and, who knows, even the occasional crocodile.

Snorkelling with the dolphins in Kisite Marine Park:

Do you like snorkelling?

The park covers an area with four small islands surrounded by coral reef.

Marine life is in abundance, including:

  • Trigger fish.
  • Moray eels.
  • Angelfish.
  • Butterfly fish.
  • Groupers.
  • Parrot fish.
  • Wrasses.
  • Scorpionfish.
  • Pufferfish.
  • Damselfish.
  • rays, snappers, green sea turtles, hawks bill turtles, and dolphins.
  • Humpback whales and whale sharks are seasonal.

We organise a full day from the Resort, departure 8.00 lunch in Wasini Island and return to the Hotel at around 4.30.

Sunset with a sparkling cruise dhow:

Would you like to experience Funzi Bay in a different fashion while enjoying delicious appetizers accompanied with a half bottle of Sparkling wine (per person)? Then climb aboard our dhow which will carry you across the water to admire the magnificent sunset in the mangroves.

Departure from the Resort at 4.30 and return after the sunset at around 7.00.

Deep Sea Fishing in Funzi Mangrove Resort:

Want to deep sea fishing?

We are working with the professional teams with a great experience going fishing in the Pemba channel, between Funzi and Pemba Island.

A half day or a full day to catch some blue, stripped or black marlins, dorado coryphaena, sailfish or other tunas.

Departure at 7.00 and return at 1.00 for the half day and 4.00 for the half day.

Quotation on request depending the fishing season.

Our Facilities in Funzi Mangrove Resort:

  • Access every day at the sandbar at low tide.
  • Free WiFi in the lounge.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Pool table.
  • Darts.
  • Bowling.

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