Diani Backpackers

Diani Backpackers

Welcome to Diani Backpackers, right here is your final stop for everything fun related. Looking for a location to host a holiday party with friends?

Diani Backpackers is at the top of the list of fun and entertainment locations in the country.

With facilities such as:

  • An outdoor pool.
  • Lounge and bar.

This resort brings fun and vacation together in a splendid mix.

Firstly, this resort is situated close to the Shimba hills national park, this resort provides guests with the opportunity to go sightseeing and visit historic and ancient parts of the country.

Furthermore, visiting the city is also not far-fetched allowing guests to explore the city when they want to.

Also known infamously as the best backpackers hostel in Kenya, this bustling resort lets you bring out the party bee in you. After which you can retire to a well-furnished room.

The best backpackers hostel in Kenya, if you’re looking for fun, party, cool people and an unbeatable atmosphere.

Finally, facilities in the hostel include:

  • Pool,
  • Outside lounge,
  • Popular bar and also,
  • A broad range of activities such as elephant watching and,
  • Snorkelling trips.

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Features of Diani Beach Backpackers

  • Luxury private rooms and nice dorms at a great price.
  • Private Rooms with or without own bathroom, dorm rooms with either 6,8,12 or 16 beds as well as camping spots in the garden.
  • A 24/7 bar and reception service
  • A classic top notch restaurant serving local and intercontinental dishes
  • Swimming pool with tub
  • Free WiFi
  • Excellent food at fair prices
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Cool activities and tours at good prices
  • Book exchange
  • Games / Cards
  • Friendly and  helpful staff

Other Activities To Do At The Resort

  • Go snorkeling and fishing trips with the locals in their boats
  • Kite surfing down the road at Kenyaways
  • Take Camel rides
  • Hire motorbike rentals to cruise around
  • Go Scuba diving with Diani Marine and,
  • Skydiving over the mesmerizing beach of Diani
  • Visit 40 thieves beach bar and lounge and join the night crawlers as the party straight into the morning!

To put it in a nut shell, try a night out with us and we can promise that missing your flight the following day won’t be a downer!

The hostel is located 200 meters up the street opposite K.F.I Supermarket.


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Lifestyle and Nightlife in Diani Beach Backpackers :

Diani is basically a straight lane along the beach with a bunch of touristy activities often mixing with the local Kenyans to take you around for snorkelling and fishing trips on their fishing boats or even around the sacred forest on the southern part.

Camel rides, motorbike rentals to cruise around, Scuba diving with Diani Marine, Marine park safaris in Wasini island, Kite surfing down the road at Kenyaways, Safaris from our gate or even Skydiving over the mesmerizing beach of Diani are as many activities that you can do, according to everybody’s budget.

The proximity with Shimba hills national park allows us to take you to hidden places we know of with the most dazzling sight-seeings you can hope for when heading to Africa. 

Mombasa being just a matatu ride away, you can also experience the busy and noisy city, walk markets and check out some cultural monuments of the island.

The nightlife is another story! Let’s not say that the usual options are infinite, but 40 thieves beach bar/club/happy place will always welcome whoever is keen to head to the sunrise. 

Many places can host the pre-gaming starting with our bar, but we can always provide alternatives in some lounge bars along the beach to build the tension up the right way! Madafoo or Swahili beach resort to quote only a couple.

To put it in a nut shell, try a night out with us and we can promise that missing your flight the following day won’t be a downer!

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