Dhevatara Beach Hotel

Dhevatara Beach Hotel

Imagine being greeted by the gentle ocean breeze and swaying Takamaka trees just a step away from the beach, where stunning views of the Indian Ocean stretches as far as the eyes can see.

Feel the natural elements blend together as you float across the water garden dotted with stepping stones. Located on the pristine island of Praslin, between land and sea, lies an extraordinary Boutique Hotel.

The Dhevatara Beach Hotel is a Beautiful Beach Front Boutique Hotel, offering 10 individually styled and designed Suites providing the amenities a modern traveler expects.

The hotel pays tribute to the Seychelles cultural and historical background through the choice of styles and materials: in fact we find African, Victorian, Indian and Nature inspired touches reflected in the Suites decor: just like the Seychelles.

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Due to the hotel’s design and architectural features we are only able to accommodate children of the age of 12 years and older.

The sunset is taking place on this side of the island, which gives extraordinary sceneries with vibrant colors and makes it the ideal spot for weddings.

Our philosophy is to emphasize the need for each individual to be conscious of the effects of their actions and to conduct their activities so as to optimize the benefits and minimize the costs to the environment.

We communicate this philosophy and our policies through a process of regular training’s, meetings, consultations, and constant monitoring of working routines. Employee involvement is encouraged and actively promoted at all levels.

Dhevatara has developed environmental and conservation policies along industry benchmarks and best practices and techniques to ensure that energy management, waste management and environmental management is carried out in the day-to-day business of the hotel. Our policies centre around: Involvement and employment from local communities; empowerment of employees through training; use of eco-friendly materials and products; reduction of consumption; handling of waste and Involvement of our guests.

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