Denis Private Island

Denis Private Island

Welcome to Denis Private Island:

A tiny speck in the Indian Ocean ringed by flawless white sand, just 375 acres and none of it off-limits to see and explore.

Denis Private Island is a living, breathing island community, for those who believe giving back to nature is the only way to receive its bounty in return.

It’s a place where you can bathe along beaches renowned the world over for their pristine beauty, snorkel in a sea turtle sanctuary, spot some of the rarest birds on earth, and finally go sport-fishing at the edge of a continental ocean drop-off…all  in a single day.

You won’t find a signal for your mobile phone when you arrive. There is no in-room internet. No cable television.

This is for you to unplug from digital distraction and reconnect to the loved ones you hold dear, and to the earth that you share with them.

Denis Island Rates & Policy:

Beach CottageN/A1300
Beachfront Spa CottageN/A1400
Family CottageN/A1500
Beach VillaN/A1750

Rates also Include:

  • Three meals daily.
  • Non- motorized land and water-based activities.
  • Wi-Fi in lounge (main area).

Room Occupancy:

All accommodation categories can accommodate the following :

  • A maximum of 2 adults.
  • 2 adults and 2 children below 12 years of age.
  • 2 adults and 1 teenager below 18 years.

Dress Code:

There is no dress code on Denis Private Island (evening attire smart casual).

Why Choose Denis Private Island:

  • A completely private coral islet of 375 acres, exclusively reserved for guests to share with nature
  • A responsible accommodation choice, striving for self-sustainability
  • A conservationist’s paradise, hosting several globally recognised programmes
  • An important spawning area for marine life, granted national protected status for its lagoon
  • Extraordinarily safe, whether roaming the island or swimming in the calm lagoon
  • An excellent family holiday destination, ideal for children
  • Promoting healthy cuisine and farm-to-table concept with a rich culinary experience
  • A paradise for lovers, ideal for weddings and special occasions in nature’s splendor
  • Perfect for groups, with the possibility to book out the entire island for total privacy

Denis Private Island Photos

Location of Denis Private Island:

With the ocean depths close by, the island justly deserves its reputation for excellent diving and as a game fisherman’s paradise.

On land, the lush and densely forested interior echoes with the melodious trills and calls of numerous species of land and seabirds.

A walk along the paths is full of surprise and wonder.

On-going conservation projects to restore part of the island to its pre-discovery state have seen over 50 hectares of woodland rehabilitated, giant tortoises meander along and furthermore no-where else will you come across such a combination of some of the world’s most endangered endemic species.

Facilities on Denis Private Island:

  • Tea & coffee maker in all the rooms.
  • Access to the beach front.
  • Bar.
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Laundry (This comes at an extra cost)
  • Free Toiletries.
  • Hair Drier.
  • Inadequate Parking Space.
  • Safety Deposit Box

The Island slowly reveals its riches and mysteries:

From its 100 year old lighthouse warning, passing ships against hazardous shoals and reefs still, the remnants of a mysterious cemetery for which no known records exist, an old settlement, the coral structures next to the grass airstrip to the only ecumenical chapel of the Seychelles.

On Denis, you’ll re-discover a forgotten mode of luxury: one of real food and real people, immersed in nature on one of the most secluded islands in the world.

Accommodation on Denis Private Island:

The mere 25 free-standing cottages and villas on Denis Island enjoy total privacy, scattered at various walking distances from the beach and separated by the island’s natural vegetation.

Spacious rooms echo the Seychelles’ colonial past, from the furniture and wood flooring fashioned at the island’s carpentry workshop just 200 metres away, to the refined simplicity of the décor.

Open-air bathrooms and garden courtyards in all of the rooms once again defer to nature’s calming influence.

Five accommodation categories provide a breadth of choice to suit any holiday preference. Browse below to find the right cottage for you.

Denis Private Island Image

Facilities in the Rooms of Dennis Private Island:

  • Air Conditioner.
  • Private Bathroom.
  • Safety Deposite Box.
  • Slippers.
  • Free Toiletries.
  • Mosquito Net.
  • Electric Kettle.
  • Shower etc

Romance in Dennis Private Island:

Between tropical sunsets, being at one with nature and the powerful sense of seclusion on one of earth’s most remote islands, one can’t help but to be swept away by romantic whims.

There’s perhaps no better place to share a personal connection than on an island without modern connectivity.

Planning something extra special? Our team delights in the preparation of uniquely themed events with a signature Denis Private Island twist, whether for fun-filled group celebrations or completely private moments for two. Anniversaries, renewals of vows, the idyllic beach wedding you’ve played out in your mind a million times: finally all these possibilities and more await on Denis Island.

Points of Interest near Denis Private Island:

  • The Indian Ocean.
  • Praslin Island Airport.
  • Seychelles International Airport.

Welcome to Seychelles. Welcome to the Denis Private Island life.

Other Resorts near Denis Private Island:

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