Coral Beach Cottages

Coral Beach Cottages


Welcome to Coral Beach Cottages. Firstly, this beautiful resort is strategically nested in Diani Beach, a few kilometers from the Moi International Airport, and is literally the center of attraction. 

Unlike other cottages in Diani, we have professional with many years of experience in the hospitality sector working for the sole purpose of making your stay as pleasant as possible.

Proudly overlooking the Indian Ocean, and also surrounded by its own beautiful gardens, this paradise quells the noise and trouble of the outside world.

One major vantage point this lovely resort has, is that its strategic position makes movement to different parts of the city quite seamless.

Room Prices in Coral Beach Cottages:

StudioMax of 2 People70
One Room ApartmentMax of 2 People70
One Room CottageMax of 2 People90
Superior RoomMax of 2 People100
Junior SuiteMax of 2 People140

Proximity to Several Points of Interest:

  • The resort is a five-minute walk to the Barclays bank and the shopping center.
  • Coral Beach Cottages is roughly 1 kilometer away from Diani Beach Hospital,
  • There is a direct route from the cottage to different night-life spots in the city area.

Features of The Coral Beach Cottages:

  • Coral beach cottages are made to ensure a high level of quietness and tranquillity.
  • The environment around the cottages is beautified with white coral beaches.
  • We provide coconut palms trees and different indigenous trees creating a very airy environment.
  • For guests who love to swim we provide an outdoor pool.
  • The whole complex creates a perfect escape from reality.

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The cottages are available in 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, with fully equipped kitchens, lovely rooms with top décor.

We have a steward on hand to do the cleaning, truly a totally comfortable stay is guaranteed.

It is important to note that the concept of the cottages is self-catering/self service.

If needed we can provide a cook  on request.

Some other cottage features include:

  • Air conditioning and fans
  • Swahili beds with mosquito nets.
  • Television sets.
  • Balcony with a beautiful sea view
  • Fully furnished rooms.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • 1 Bed roomed cottage
  • 2 bed roomed cottages
  • 3 bed roomed cottages
  • Short term cottages
  • Long term cottages based on availability

Note that all categories bear the same features described above.

Some Fun Facts About Coral Beach Cottages:

  • The rooms are self-contained and fully furnished, with a fully equipped kitchen and a sitting room. Furthermore we have a balcony with a view of the garden and tropical vegetation.
  • The bed-sitter accommodation which is a spacious room that accommodates a bed, easy chairs and a dining table, with a kitchen and bath-room. 

This cottage is very ideal for couple or an individual searching for tranquillity.

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be separately arranged for at the Restaurant adjacent to the cottages.
  • For those who require a simple accommodation, there is the hotel type room with a fridge, a furnished balcony for those relaxing moments, 

Finally we provide a view of the garden, enjoy all these in Coral Beach Cottages while taking in the pure ocean breeze.

Some Other Fun Facts About Coral Beach Cottages:

  • The surroundings have different trees and shrubs giving it a very natural feel.
  • With beautiful surroundings and a majestic view of the ocean, the cottage is the perfect spot for taking pictures or shooting videos for different occasions that will last a lifetime.
  • It might also surprise you to know that the resort comes at very reasonably affordable price.
  • It’s a very ideal facility for a honeymoon adventure.
  • There is also a conference facility which affords you the opportunity to combine your holiday with work if you wish.

Food On Display:

We offer an indigenous restaurant that introduces you to the people and also the culture at a very reasonable price.

Coral Beach Cottages gives you value for your money, as we are arguably the ultimate in African dishes!

Some dishes worth a try include:

Charcoal Grills – Goat, Beef, Fish, Chicken, etc.

Karangas – Beef, Chicken, Mutton.

Spicy Dishes – Chicken Masala, Mutton Palak, Beef Jeera

Other side dishes include:

  • Chapati, Chips, Masala, Matoke, Mataha, Ugali, Pilau etc.
  • Breakfast.
  • Lunch.
  • Dinner.
  • Snacks and any other meals on request.
In summary, be it for business, vacation or pleasure, the resort has all it takes to give you that wonderful travel experience you have been dreaming about.
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