Barracuda Inn Watamu

Barracuda Inn Watamu

Welcome to Barracuda Inn, Watamu Kenya.

Are amazing views and stunning sights of nature at the top of your list when looking for vacation accommodation? Then this is the right place for you.

Firstly, the ocean is just a little way from the resort and also the view of the waters is surely a sight to behold.

With a white sand bay, for lounging and taking in the sun, there is also Coral reef which separates it from the longstanding Marine Park.

Furthermore, Barracuda Inn is just a short distance from Watamu, about 23 kilometres from Malindi and also 100 kilometres north of Mombasa.

It is strategically placed near most of the tourist attractions, to make your stay in Kenya, is most delightful.

Massage therapists are readily available and professional guides, to help you in your sightseeing and tours.

Lastly, the accommodations are cottages styled in the true African way, and are equipped with all the comforts you require, to ensure you get the full experience.

Nature enthusiasts will be delighted at the extensive array of flora and fauna, with its attendant sounds as music.

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Features of Barracuda Inn Kenya

  • The inn overlooks the ocean.
  • There are Coral Reef, for the interested.
  • An ancient Marine Park stands just beside the inn.
  • It’s in close proximity to a number of towns, for sightseers
  • Professional Tour Guides are also available
  • Masseur available and finally,
  • A stunning pool.

Activities To Do At The Barracuda Inn Beach Resort Watamu

  • You can walk through the gardens, just appreciating nature.
  • You can take a dip in the pool, or more interesting, the ocean.
  • Sunbathers can lounge on the white sand shores of the ocean.
  • A safari can be arranged, for the adventure lovers.
  • A trip into the various towns close by, to take in the sights.

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