Auberge Chez Plume

Auberge Chez Plume

Welcome to Auberge  Chez Plume Guest House in Anse Boileau.

Mahe is the first experience most visitors have of the Seychelles.

This is where the international flights land on the impressive airport that stretches out across the turquoise water. As it is the largest island in the archipelego, yet just 27 km long by 12 km at its widest point, it has long been the Seychelles economic and political centre, yet has lost none of its beauty and charm.

A charming little guest house and restaurant, the Auberge Chez Plume is located on the West Coast of the main island of Mahe, in the fishing village of Anse Boileau, facing the beautiful clean waters of the Indian Ocean.

Rooms in Auberge Chez Plume

The Auberge has:

  • Seven Double Rooms.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Terraces, and finally
  • Two family rooms suitable for families of 5.

Restaurant Chez Plume is our iconic gem and has existed since the early nineties, with seating for up to ninety people in the main restaurant or the tropical garden.

Renowned for its gourmet restaurant “Chez Plume”, a quaint and rustic gastronomic delight busy with tourists and local residents, you are situated just minutes from some of the best beaches of Mahe Island.

Auberge Chez Plume Photos

Name of some of the Islands Near Auberge Chez Plume

  • Anse Intendanc.
  • Anse Takamaka.
  • Petite Anse in the south to Port Launay.
  • Baie Tiernay in the north.
  • The endless and picturesque Grand Anse.

The Auberge has built its reputation over the last 25 years on usability, simplicity and excellent value for money. 

Thirty minutes’ drive from the capital of Victoria and twenty minutes from the airport, the Auberge is accessible and affordable.

Mahe is dominated by a mountain range that forms its backbone. The highest peak, Morne Seychellois reaches a height of 905m and provides a perfect backdrop of the capital city Victoria.

In many ways, Mahe is the most spectacular of the islands with its huge mountains and lush tropical vegetation and with over 75 beaches scattered around the island.

Despite its great lure for tourists, there are only ever a handful of people on these beaches with their beautiful sand, swaying palms and tropical waters….

Mahe has a wide range of accommodation from self catering to large sophisticated hotels. During the day visitors can dive and explore Mahe’s many nature walks in the Morne Seychellois National Park or visit a local artists studio.

Transportation In Auberge Chez Plume

We work with a number of local car hire companies to provide you with the best standard of vehicle and a polite, pleasant level of service. 

Two companies, Palm Cars and Hibiscus Car Hire, actually operate from within the Auberge, so convenience is key with us.

Driving is easy here as one main road skirts most of the island, with several opportunities to cross the island as you move up or down the East or West coasts. 

You can visit many beautiful sites, including:

  • The stunning white sand beaches.
  • Mission Lodge.
  • Tea Factory.
  • Botanical Gardens.
  • The Jardin du Roi and finally,
  • Vvarious museums around Mahe, the list goes on …

With the Stay and Drive Package, you will have a small economy vehicle good for the narrow local roads included for all days of your stay once you arrive. 

We will pre-arrange the vehicle prior to arrival, and it is even possible to pay for an upgrade to a larger vehicle if you desire. 

Simply arrange everything with us and we will look after the rest, your car will be waiting for you when you check in …

For all corporate visitors coming to Seychelles for work, or companies with executives living in Seychelles and requiring long-term accommodation opportunities, we provide accommodation, meals, vehicles, meeting spaces and other corporate services at very competitive rates. 

Why accommodate executives in larger hotels or self catered venues with no meals or vehicles included, when they can stay in the comfort of the Auberge with all the same amenities, at a fraction of the price?

Facilities within the Auberge include fast WiFi so that they can keep working when “at home”, even if slightly distracted by our charming tranquil garden and the range of spectacular food options at their fingertips!


We have a wide range of activities to choose from, across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Activities can be for the more adventurous, like ziplining or parasailing, to the slightly more relaxed, like visiting museums and the national library.

Browse our activities below and let us know if we can give you more information on anything.

  • Car Hire.

  • Boating/Fishing.

  • Golf – Mahe & Praslin

  • Diving & Snorkelling

  • Walking/Nature Trails

  • Zip Line / Rock Climb

  • Museum

  • Mahe Island Tour

  • Parasailing

  • Jet Skiing


Victoria is a small enough capital to cover on foot. 

The market is a hive of activity except on Sundays where visitors can buy locally made crafts and mingle with locals buying fish, spices, fresh fruit and vegetables.

The capital also boasts of 

  • Several banks.
  • Two cathedrals.
  • A mosque.
  • Hindu temple.
  • Library and finally ,
  • Two stadiums. 

The clock Tower remains the capital’s focal point.

The Botanical Gardens offers the opportunity to see some of the Seychelles’ endemic plants. Established almost a century ago, the gardens cover 15 acres.

As you might expect with 90% of the total out of 80400 Seychelles’ population living on Mahe, the night life is much livelier here than on neighbouring islands.

Finally, the discovery of Mahe is done by driving along the coast road to view the panoramic deserted beaches and coves and also through winding mountain roads amidst tropical vegetation for a better glimspe of the traditional creole life-style.

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