Aquarius Club

Aquarius Club

Welcome to Aquarius Club Watamu, thinking of the perfect getaway adventure, away from the shackles of reality?.

The resort,  presents you with a haven of pure charm and tranquillity.

Firstly, Aquarius Club is strategically situated on an island detached from the city, this beautiful landmark gives you more than just sand, sun and sea.

With a full storehouse of fun activities, lively entertainment and genuine hospitality, Aquarius Club Watamu offers you so much more.

Firthermore, from the tastefully furnished rooms, to the view of the lagoon from the ‘floating bar’, this stunning resort captures the true essence of nature, culture and tradition.

Located on the Kenyan coast, in a very serene and peaceful location, this lovely resort separates you from the hustle and buzz of the outside world.

Lastly, the strategic location of this edifice provides visitors and guests the opportunity to visit the city comfortably, while lodged at the resort, and also plan trips to the safari at your convenience.

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Features Of Aquarius Club International Resort:

  • Tastefully furnished and sylish rooms.
  • A wide variety of standard, executive, and balcony view rooms.
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • An open-air restaurant where you can enjoy the best of local and international dishes and cuisines.
  • A tour of the safari, courtesy of the resort
  • Friendly and welcoming staff and finally,
  • A Hygienic and safe environment

Activities At Aquarius Club Kenya:

  • Enjoy exhilarating views of the ocean from different vantage points on the resort.
  • Explore the wide menu of appetizing seafood on display.
  • Tour the safari with our experienced and competent tour guides and also,
  • Enjoy cool music and unwind at our cozy bar.
  • Make use of our other amenities such as Wi-Fi, boat ride, and also jungle tour, etc.

Finally, whether you’re looking for a place to hang-out with the squad or it’s just you and that special one, you will find Aquarius club has all you need for that perfect holiday.

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