Adansonia Village Resort

Adansonia Village Resort

Welcome to Adansonia Village Resort, enjoy your holidays amidst luxury and privacy.
The resort is located in the middle of the most well-known and popular place in Kenya, Diani beach.

This fun spot is world famous for its beautiful sand beach and crystal clear water of the Indian ocean.

Adansonia is different from the other noisy and over-crowded hotel resorts, this is because we give prominence to the maximum privacy of our guests and their relaxation.

Welcome to the  resort with capacity of maximally accommodating 8 guests.

The resort allows free parking of vehicles.

Adansonia Village Resort Price Details

Villa With Private Pool1265
Villa With Private Pool2290
Villa With Private Pool3340
Villa With Private Pool4450

Facilities in Adansonia Village Resort:

  • Large swimming pool and luxurious equipments:

We are at a distance of about 5 minutes’ walk from the beach. Available are entries to the beach resorts, where you can use their services (sun beds and snack) and spend the whole day on the beach.

Adansonia villa’s were built in 2011 and our private Adansonia Village Resort has a beautiful garden with a large swimming pool that you will really enjoy.

The Resort is secured and equipped with the following:

  • Television.
  • Wi-Fi with DVD player.
  • Mobile phone with credit.
  • Air conditioned bedrooms.
  • Rooms are equipped with ventilators.

The kitchen has the following:

  • Refrigerator.
  • Combined cooker.
  • Water cooler with drinking water
  • Grill.

Massage bar is placed in privacy of the top terrace.

Multi-Lingua Services:

Adansonia offers guests, service of English and German speaking delegate, who will gladly execute your wishes and will manage all your requests concerning the following:

  • Safari.
  • Diving.
  • Fishing.
  • Golf.
  • Trips.
  • Excursions

We assist with all these and all the other things regarding your stay in Adansonia Village Resort.

Photo Gallery of Adansonia Village Resort :

BBQ Facilities in Adansonia Village Resort:

Our chef will prepare your fresh breakfast, delicious lunch or delightful dinner every day on request.

We equally have a BBQ facility to help spice up your vacation.

On demand we can arrange for your meal from best restaurants in Diani Beach including the possibility of supplying you with fresh fishes and other seafood from local fishermen.

These food from the Indian ocean will be prepared by our chef according to your wishes.


Adansonia staff will also wash your clothes on demand.

Picnic Area:

Picnic and other outdoor relaxation activities can be catered for by the resort

Accommodation and Services in Adansonia Village Resort:

We offer our guest luxurious accommodation in the privacy of two recently built villas in Diani Beach with large swimming pools.

The villas are situated near the beach in popular destination on the south seashore of Kenya.

Amenities of Adansonia Village Resort:

Every villa has 2 separate large bedroom, fully air conditioned on the first floor with independent entry.

In every bedroom there is:

  • A king size double bed.
  • Built-in wardrobes and bathroom.
  • Common terrace with view of the garden.
  • Swimming pool and with huge baobab.

On the ground floor there is a large living room combined with dining room and two exits to the corridor.

The Kitchen is well equipped with:

  • Large refrigerator.
  • Combinated cooker.
  • Water cooler with drinking water and toaster.
  • Electric pot and dishes.
  • On the roof there is a terrace with penthouse and massage bar

Services in Adansonia Village Resort:

The cleaning of guest rooms is handled by our employees. In the morning we could prepare fresh breakfast according to your wishes. 

Cleaning of bedrooms and interiors is done during the morning.

The employee will wash your clothes upon your request. Our gardener looks after the garden, palms and swimming pool, there is also a constant professional guard in Adansonia Village Resort.

In case of any demands and requests, please, appeal to our delegate either personally or via mobile phone which is available for you in the villas.

Visit us in Diani Beach and enjoy Kenya, we are glad to offer you accommodation in Diani Beach.

We are only few minutes’ walk from the beach (about 5 minutes), there are two newly built luxury villas with top equipment’s and large swimming pools, all designed for your highest comfort.

Points of Interest near Adansonia Village Resort

  • Colobus Trust Monkey Conservation Centre is 2.1 km from Adansonia Village Resort.
  • The nearest airport is Moi International Airport which is 34 km from Adansonia Village Resort.

Holidays in Kenya – Lifetime Experience

Kenya is a country which has many faces. It all depends on you, which one of the faces do you want us to show you.

  • You can stalk the big five (lion, cheetah, rhino, buffalo and elephant) on the safari, with masaai hunters or guards and take a pleasure in seeing boundless green plains of savannah in one of many Kenyan national parks (Tsavo, Masai Mara…).
  • Experience diving along coral reef in Diani Beach or in nearby Wasini Island, where you can enjoy fishing or swimming with dolphins or whale sharks.
  • Traditional Kenyan sailing boat will take you along the beautiful sand beach in Diani.
  • You can also play golf right here in Diani Beach on a course of only about 10 minutes by car from Adansonia Village Resort. A part of the golf course is a pleasant golf club house with a restaurant.
  • You can… how many of such fun and exciting “you can”, can Kenya offer you? Hundreds, only what you need is one “we want” and we will offer you a full range of activities and trips in Kenya, during them you will also experience local life and the magical Kenyan nature.

We provide car services with a driver for the whole day. 

He will drive you anywhere you want such as:

  • To restaurants on the beach.
  • Shopping centers, to visit Mombasa or anywhere else.
  • It is also possible to use local transport (please use local transport only in daytime), we call them “Matatu”, these are minibuses, that stop at the signal, price depends on distance moved and is about 5km/50KSHS per person(~$5).
  • You can use a taxi: e.g. one way to Mombasa costs about 3000/ 5000 KSHS (distance is around 45 km) plus ferry in Mombasa, price 100KSHS.
  • We advise you to arrange the price with a driver in advance!.

You can also rent a car, prices are about 3000/ 4500 KSHS for 1 day – you must drive on left side and traffic is a little bit chaotic.
In Kenya you can drive a car when you are at least 23 years old and you are at least a 2 years holder of driving licence.

In Diani Beach you can make your shopping, restaurants and pub visits a memorable one by visiting any of the following:

  • Muthaiga Mini Supermarket: In a distance of about 5km from Adansonia villas, you can get all sorts of basic food and drinks including sanitary things, clothes etc.
  • Fish restaurant: This restaurant is located on the beach, in a distance of about 170m from Adansonia villas. It is a type of outdoor restaurant with nice view of the sea and fishermen. They offer fresh fish and sea products.  Right before the restaurant you can also buy fish from local fishermen, octopuses, lobsters and shrimps.
  • Centre Ushago Supermarket: This supermarket is located at a distance of about 3km from Adansonia villas. Ushago is a supermarket with wide range of food, drinks and all types of commodity (you can buy credit for your mobile phones and USB modem for your  internet from 50/1000 KSHS).
  • A bank, post office (post is about 500 m in the direction of NAKUMATT) – there are shops, gift shops and stands with local souvenirs, where you can get authentic Masaai products.

Other Fun Spots Include

  • Nearby is a marketplace with fruits and vegetables, rental of bicycles with a possibility to enjoy guided trips to the near neighborhood, hairdresser´s and other popular local bars with billiard are arrrangeable.
  • Shopping Centre NAKUMATT :This is about 10 minutes drive by car from Adansonia villas, Nakumatt is a supermarket chain with largest offering of food, drinks and commodity in Diani Beach, and also there is a  cash-point. You can buy there almost everything you could need.
  •  Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest:  This is one of the sacred forest accessible to tourist, it is a sacred forest to the digo people, to take this nature walk a tourist would be notified on certain rules as regards kissing, and  would be made to wear a black kaniki (sarong) around your waist and enter the grove with a guide. After many years of neglect the forest has been accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and will be preserved for generations yet unborn.

On the beach:

  • You can enter the resorts from the beach and use their sun beds near Adansonia Villas after submitting our Adansonia card, this is a card that you will get after your arrival.


  • You can order a massage by phone right from Adansonia villas, price varies and it all depends on the services requested by you.

We recommend you visit us and enjoy our first-rate restaurants:

  • Nomad: This is a distance of about 1.5 km from Adansonia villas. Nomad is a Restaurant/Hotel that offers sea fish, salads and food from european cuisine (for example Wiener Schnitzel). You can sit inside or right on the beach.
  • Almanara: This is a distance of about 1 km from Adansonia villas, Almanara is a luxury restaurant with beautiful garden and is situated on the beach. You can also have a steak and take a look at the Indian ocean.
  • Leonardo´s: This is a distance of about 4 km from Adansonia villas. Leonardo´s is stylish Italian restaurant with a wide range of food from Italian cuisine.

Local Bars:

Beside the restaurants you can visit some of Kenya’s many local bars in Diani Beach, which are famous among visitors from all around the world such as:

  • Forty Thieves: This is a distance about 2.5 km from Adansonia villas.Forty thieves is a famous bar with a wide range of food and drinks, including buffet. Sitting is situated inside or on the beach..
  • Tandori: This is a distance of about 2 km from Adansonia villas. The bar offers a wide range of drinks, it is quite noisy in the evening time, and you can dance here or listen to the music.
  • Shakatak: This is a distance of about 2 km from Adansonia villas. Shakatak is a very popular night bar that is opened from 10 p. m. with large dancing floor. This club is very popular among foreign visitors and also by local people. You can dance a whole night and then rest in Adansonia Village Resort.
  • Blue Marlin: This is a distance of about 1 km from Adansonia villas. You can have a coctail and watch little crabs on a beach while the sun is setting.
  • John´s Pub (USHAGO SPORTS BAR): This is a distance of about 3 km from Adansonia villas.John’s pub is a popular bar with billiard and large TV.

Other Resorts Near Adansonia Village Resort:

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