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We provide travel and hospitality information.
Africa has some of the best resorts and wild life in the world

Company History was developed in Nigeria in 2017 as a pet-project and has within this short period carved a niche for itself in the travel sector. is a 100% privately owned travel advisory company. Our corporate goal is to build a world-class technologically based travel organisation that delivers insightful and informative travel options to its valued clients all over the world. ….
Nwaoduh Ezinna: (Founder:

Our Dream

We are an online travel advisory agency specialising in resorts recommendation within Africa. We help customers explore various options online before finally travelling on a vacation. We provide comprehensive help and support to our clients and make the resort selection/vacation process smooth and easy.

We also provide very hotel recommendations, making sure that our clients stay in good, clean and safe resorts/hotels all Africa..


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